The Beak Doctor, keen on living up to the responsibility of the ancient Codes of Construction, has committed its vast resources to the investigation of all auditory pathogens, and the exposure of these same sonic germs to the saliva of hungry ears.

It is NOT enough to go forward nor even back, but deep and deeper, then to the left side, listening to the silences before the attack. Three things are critically important!

We pause here to listen to our own thoughts.

The Beak Doctor, originally revealed in 1978 as a purveyor principally of vinyl persuasion, sometimes issues compact discs in honor of the last century's somewhat tepid technological inclinations. It is expected that true, round, twelve-inch breakable record-discs will also be released with some and slightly different music from these same performances; our point being that when sat upon, this latter format still provides far keener and more delightful sound, not to mention bigger pieces.While thumbing through, or thumbing your nose at, The Beakalogue, consider that there is no forest that hears more than one where a tree falls. This is also true of very curious fish.